Chemical Name: 1′,4,6’-Trichlorogalactosucrose; Trichlorosucrose; E955; 4,1’,6’-Trichloro-4,1’,6’-trideoxygalactosucrose

Formula: C12H19O8Cl3

Sucralose is approved by FSSAI as well as FDA for use in food as a non-nutritive sweetener. It is about 600 times sweeter than sugar. FDA approved sucralose for use in 15 food categories in 1998 and for use as a general purpose sweetener for foods in 1999, under certain conditions of use. It is heat stable, meaning that it stays sweet even when used at high temperatures during baking, making it suitable as a sugar substitute in baked goods. Sucralose has been extensively studied and more than 110 safety studies were reviewed by FDA in approving the use of sucralose as a general purpose sweetener for food. Sucralose does not have any appreciable effects on blood glucose levels and can be used by diabetics, as recommended by EFSA (2011). Its acceptable daily intake is 15mg/kg body weight.

Sucralose is recommended by FSSAI for use in the following foodstuff with the permitted levels indicated:

  • Soft drinks (300 ppm)
  • Biscuits (including cookies), bread, cakes and pastries (750 ppm)
  • Sweets (750 ppm)
  • Yogurt (300 ppm)
  • Ice cream/dried ice cream mixes/frozen dessert/kulfi (400 ppm)
  • Ice lollies/ice candy (800 ppm)
  • Jam, jellies, and marmalades (450 ppm)
  • Chutney (800 ppm)

  • Confectionery (1500 ppm)
  • Chocolate (800 ppm)
  • Chewing gum (1250 ppm)
  • Doughnuts /scones /muffins (800 ppm)
  • Ready to serve tea/coffee based beverages (600 ppm)
  • Vegetable juice/nectar (250 ppm)
  • Custard powder/ ready to eat custard dessert (260 ppm)

Packaging: 1kg


 Item  Specification  Results
 Appearance  White to off white odorless crystalline powder  conform
 Identification: HPLC  The retention time of principal peek corresponds to the reference  conform
 Assay on dried basic  98.0%-102.0%  0.9967
 Specific Rotation   +84~+87.5   +85.72
 Residue on Ignition (Sulphates Ash)  <0.7%  0.0006
 Water  <2.0%  0.0007
 Heavy Metals  <10mg/Kg  <10mg/Kg
 Lead (pb)  <1mg/Kg  <1mg/Kg
 Arsenic (As)  <1mg/Kg  <1mg/Kg
 Cadmium (Cd)  <1mg/Kg  <1mg/Kg
 Mercury (Hg)  <0.1mg/Kg  <0.1mg/Kg
 PH (10% Aqueous solution)  5.0-8.0  6.2
 Related Substances
(Other Chlorinated Disaccharides)
 <0.5%  conform
 Hydrolysis Product
(Chlorinated monosaccharides)
 <0.1%  conform
 TriphenyIphosphine oxide  <150mg/kg  conform
 Methanol  <0.1%  Not found
 Total Plate Count  <250cfu/g  conform
 Yeast & Mold  <50cfu/g  conform
 E. Coil  Negative  Negative
 Coliform  Negative  Negative
 Salmonella  Negative  Negative
 S.aureus  Negative  Negative
 Particle size  90% through 80 mesh  conform